Our story had started long time ago, in 1976 with “Amaro al Tartufo” that suddenly became the signature of our territory, counted a number of traditional Italian liquors on Wikipedia.


We complemented the preparation of our best classic, Amaro al Tartufo, with the production of grape, limoncello and rum, bitter and typical wines, vin santo, grechetto and san giovese.

We are currently not aware of which destination our story will have: we broaden the horizons of our research every time one step more.


We retain, we diffuse and we disclose the classical Italian liquor tradition; at the same time we experiment and we collaborate with the major representatives of the Italian mixology.

This is what allows us to preserve a centuries story that time and experience have made strong and that innovation makes special. We think that the real creativity consists of mixing different styles and experiences, widening the logics of the traditional market, pointing on exclusivity and simplicity of our products. 

This is our mission: to carry the tradition as far away as possible.


Our production of classic distillates represents the tradition: bitters, limoncello, rosoli must not be missed in any family: ours and liquor’s.

We know the importance of what is called classic: you can try the taste just naming it. 

But we do not exclude the production of the most innovative products, whose flavors need to be discovered. 

We preserve the techniques and the secret of both traditional and new mix liquor we include in our menu, pursuing a foresight and curious spirit.


Few years ago, we started supporting the production activity also with the import and the distribution of micro distilleries in Europe and around the world.

In United States, micro distilleries had started spreading in the entire territory and they had turned one of the trend of the moment. We want to bring them in Italy with foresight.

Micro distilleries are marked by a high quality, which is confirmed by the experience and the renewal of the product.

Una tradizione sapiente

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