Our gastronomy laboratory produces oil, sauces with vegetables and typical seasoning coming from the old Umbrian and Tuscan recipes. 

They match perfectly the preparation of bruschette, meat and salad and they enrich every plate with a genuine and artisanal taste.

In addition to our production, we make third party processing, we shape and enhance every kind of products for ours clients as farms, farm houses and for anyone who needs it.


The philosophy of our production relies on the specific concept of GLOCAL, which for us means the creation and the enhancement of local products, with a vision and an international market. Global and local are read as two sides of the same face in order to encourage both the market expansionand the territory which is always at the core of our processing.


Raw materials are our strenght. Quality is inside every product. 

In every label you can find a short list of the ingredients. All of them are Italians and mostly local, according to the transparency and authenticity terms. 

Our philosophy is based on essentiality: less is better. 

We propose a cure against the over-choise of the market products that create a big confusion and scatter the real and genuine flavor of the preparations.

Una tradizione sapiente

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Italiana Liquori was granted a contribution from the funds "POR FESR Umbria 2014 - 2020 - Axis III - Action 3.4.1 -" NOTICE IN SUPPORT OF INNOVATIVE INVESTMENTS 2019 "- Aid for investments in machinery, plants and tangible assets and accompanying corporate reorganization and restructuring processes. The contribution financed the investment aimed at the acquisition of an innovative plant for the production of pasta that allowed to increase production efficiency and to enter new markets. The company was beneficiary from the support of the POR FESR Umbria 2014/2020 – az.3.3.1 – Voucher notice for Consultancy services 2020 – “Digital food marketing for USA” - CUP G51B20000810004