The story of our company is about the transformation of high quality raw material, in Umbria for 45 years.

We follow the regular flow of Nature that we try not to affect in order to understand its multiple aspects, respecting and incorporating them in our products. This is our life philosophy: to match Nature and simple taste of raw material from our territory with creativity, respecting our tradition.


Our mission is to provide our costumers the best agri-food experience from Umbria that we renovate in a natural and tasty way. 

We foster to create fast deliveries, products customization and integrated logistics for our three companies. 

This service and the quality of the products are our strongest points.



Graduated in Economics and fond of food and wine, after several years of educational experience abroad, she returned to Italy and started managing the family company passionately, looking at tradition from new points of view.


Graduated in Communication and fond of marketing, he defines himself jokingly as a Radical Food and Wine expert. He handles the truffles lab and leads the foreign market office,  activities which require the same qualities: both accuracy and intuition. 


Looking forward new scenarios and keen on small distilleries and local producers, he is the mind behind the import success. The production and the development of traditional liqueurs are now part of a strong story for 45 years.


Italiana Liquori was granted a contribution from the funds "POR FESR Umbria 2014 - 2020 - Axis III - Action 3.4.1 -" NOTICE IN SUPPORT OF INNOVATIVE INVESTMENTS 2019 "- Aid for investments in machinery, plants and tangible assets and accompanying corporate reorganization and restructuring processes. The contribution financed the investment aimed at the acquisition of an innovative plant for the production of pasta that allowed to increase production efficiency and to enter new markets. The company was beneficiary from the support of the POR FESR Umbria 2014/2020 – az.3.3.1 – Voucher notice for Consultancy services 2020 – “Digital food marketing for USA” - CUP G51B20000810004